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No Tan Lines: Featuring South Beach Syrup Company

Tropical cocktailWhile the rest of the country is bundled up in layers to avoid the polar vortex, here in SoFla we are basking in the heat of the sun wondering how to avoid those pesky tan lines. You might be thinking, the only way is using sun block but consider the alternative. No clothes equals no tan lines…If you aren’t down for that, and even if you are, we present a third option.  This week’s featured drink, No Tan Lines, was crafted by our good friend Mike Ginsberg over at South Beach Syrup Company and mixes the tropical taste of pina colada with some refreshing fruit juices. While we can’t guarantee that this drink will block out those UVAs and UVBs, we can say you might stop caring and resort to option two to avoid the tan lines.

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Day at the Cooperage: Visiting East Coast Wood Barrels

Back in late October, Joe and I had the pleasure of visiting our friends over at East Coast Wood Barrels in Westbury, NY. We flew into Manhattan, shared a delicious meal with some college buddies at Park Avenue Autumn, and then took the train out to Long Island. Mike Georgacopoulos of East Coast Wood Barrels was kind enough to pick us up at the train station and drove us over to the cooperage.

Mike introduced us to his father-in-law and long time cooper, Mr. George Voicu. He learned the art of making fine wood barrels from his grandfather. George moved to the US from Romania many years ago with only a few pennies to his name and the clothes on his back. Within two years, his newly formed electrical installation company had about 20 employees, and George was on his way to living his American dream.

George and Joe at East Coast Wood Barrels

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